First Prize Rose x Jess Good Candy 4-2-18 filly

Fast Prize Tracy x Apollitical Jess  4-25-18  colt

6098 - First Prize Rose x He's Relentless filly 2-24-18

AMG x Jess Good Candy  colt 3-20-18

 SS Pamilla x Valiant Hero filly  1-26-18

 Fast Prize Zoom x Apollitcal Jess 1-26-18 filly

AMG x Corona Cartel colt 1-22-18

Please watch for updates on the yearlings as they progress

Fast Prize Zoom x The Louisana Senator  4-28-18  filly

AMG x Valiant Hero  colt 2-18-18  8044

First Carolina x Apolitical Jess  colt  3-15-18

1029 - Sugar x Valiant Hero filly 1-23-18

AMG x Corona Cartel colt 2-7-18​​

Itea x Jess Good Candy  1-20-18 filly 

 Itea x He's Relentless colt  3-26-18

 First Carolina x PYC Paint Your Wagon colt 4-14-18

yearlings for 2019

 AMG x Tempting Dash colt 1-26-18

 Leesa x He's Relentless filly  3-20-18  7002

Ec Quarter Horses home of running quarter horses in Oklahoma

FIrst Prize Rose x Jess Good Candy filly 2-17-18 

Fast Prize Zoom x Jess Good Candy  4-22-18  filly

 4402 CR Sugar N Spice x He's Relentless  2-11-18  filly