Thank you Buyers and Bidders of our Yearlings in the Ruidoso Sale Sept 1-2-3, 2017
Hip 7 Haveiturway (Transaxle x Corona Cartel)  colt
Hip 51  Tarish (Fast Prize Zoom x Prospect To The Top)  colt
117  Brunstrom ( First Caroline Rose x One Dashing Eagle)  colt
294  Contemp (CR Sugar N Spice x Coronado Cartel )  colt
342  Trombolli  ( Fast Prize Tracy x Mighty B Valiant)  colt

Apollitical Chad wins the Texas Classic

Bigg Daddy was runner up in the All American 3 Million Dollar Futurity at Ruidoso NM the 3 Sept 2017

We are so proud of these graduates and we got to watch them run.

Lees Dasher SI 93 won his All American trial

She Eat Fire SI 85 was finalist in the Ruidoso Futurity  and won her All American Trial with earnings over $60,000

Apollitical Chad qualified for every Derby he entered into in 2017, except the All American where he is in the Consolation  his earnings are over $700,000

2017 news

Yearlings in Heritage Sale.  See them on the For Sale Page
Hip #     horse
25    EC Abella  -  Tracy x VH filly  filly  2-23
91    Issie   - Isabella x VH  filly  2-8
94    Brees EC    - Itea x FDD  colt  2-12
185    Myllay    - Zoom x On Sweet Jess  filly  -23
216    Maron Knee    - Rose x One Dashing Eagle  filly  1-31
263    Ruby Raye    - AMG x Tempting Dsh  filly  4-29
318    Jeez Lou Eeze     - Transaxle x Prospect to the Top  filly  2-19
320     Thorne    -    Sugar x Bojangles  colt  4-13
375    Gabbai    - Leesa x One Dashing Eagle  filly 3-19
452    Tyebane    - AMG x VH  colt  3-16
489    Meesha    - Tracy x Mighty B Valiant filly  2-16
528    Quiggley    - SS Pamilla x Bojangles  colt  1-24
540    Dor    - Leesa x FDD Dynasty  filly  3-27
578    Baalah    - Zoom x Coronado Cartel  filly  3-6
618    Eada    - AMG x One Dashing Eagle  colt  2-23
635    Dabi    - Itea x Tempting Dash  colt  3-28
638    Satchell    - Rose x Mighty B Valiant  colt  2-26
795    Iona EC    - Tracy x Louisiana Senator  filly  1-29

Yearlings offered in the Heritage Sale, Sept 21-22-23, 2017

Nueve Racing's Apolltical Chad earned the first Grade 1 win of his sophomore season in Saturday's Texas Classic Derby. PHOTO: Dustin Orona

Find all the 2017 news about our horses and our Graduates here.  

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