Ed & Carol Smith

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The Babies are here!

Check out the yearlings.. they are progressing well.  

​​​​​We pride ourselves with our broodmare's pedigrees. Our mares are daughters of stallions that are still setting the direction in the racing industry. We have been racing Quarter horses since 1998, and we have been very blessed over the years with some very good horses. We shed a lot of tears, when we lost our first mare.
We have stood Stallions in the past, but decided to concentrate on the "mare power"  balancing conformation, speed, heart and character on the track and in the pasture. 
We remodeled the old barn, modernizing the lighting and stalls, for safety and comfort. Otherwise the mares and foals live in large paddocks and pastures with automatic waters and green grass.
Contact Ed to discuss our breeding program of foals and yearlings for sale.